Peacocks: Medical 3D Printing Software

The software has decreased the handling time by 95%, from 30 minutes per piece to 3 minutes per piece.

About Peacocks:

Peacocks Medical Group is one of the UK's leading suppliers of medical equipment, including orthotics, theatre equipment, mobility aids and dental & surgica.

Tailored software for 3D printed foot orthoses

A few years ago, Peacocks looked into 3D printing to advance their foot orthoses. The company won part of a National Health Service in England (NHS England) project dedicated to development of innovative products and services address unmet health needs. Peacocks commercialized their innovated 3D printed foot orthoses with the name Podfo.

Versoteq delivered tailored computer aided software for the fast customisation of the 3D printed foot orthoses. Versoteq’s 3D software aims to reduce manual work required to process 3D models for production, optimizing the design process while shortening the manufacturing time and increasing product quality.

Fast customization for 3D printing

The software is based on browser, requiring no installations.
(1) Existing 3D models are imported to the system,
(2) 3D visualized to clinicians and patients,
(3) refined and modified on a user-friendly interface or automatically,
(4) and prepared for 3D printing.

The solution used

  • 3D Software for Additive Manufacturing